Worlds of Opportunities, better known as WOO, is a global premium impact lifestyle brand. We design, create and produce an array of deep luxury items that are a living reflection of our values: the well-being of our planet and its people is at the core of everything we do.

We aim to offer authentic, high-quality, lifestyle products that are co-created by communities around the world and have a positive impact.

We aim to connect a global community of aspirational consumers, partners and supporters who commit to mutually invest in a better future.

We aim to source sustainably, upcycle and use natural ingredients in order to protect our planet and safeguard the lives of future generations.

We aim to partner with, invest in, educate and employ disadvantaged people, empowering them to achieve a better quality of life.


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The WOO Team

We are a collective of global citizens from all walks of life, from every corner of the world.

We are dreamers. We are movers. We are changemakers.

We not only seize life, we embrace it. We not only veer off-course, we forge new paths. We not only love, we co-create with that love.

We believe in the extraordinary power of people.

Sometimes, we stumble, but we refuse to let the fall dampen our spirits. We learn from our past, dust ourselves off in the present and keep heading towards the future.

We mobilize. We invite. We inspire.

We believe our shared efforts will bring about change – positive change, change that matters.

We are daring. We are authentic. We are compassionate.

We are WOO.



Production & Packaging Staff

“I love working at WOO. Everybody here is very friendly and happy, and we care for each other.”



Content Manager

“I love working at WOO because we make a real effort to give back to the community and sustain the environment.”



Finance and Operations Officer

“I wanted an opportunity to enhance my knowledge in an open, international and challenging environment which will keep me interested...so I chose to work with WOO.”



Production & Packaging Staff

“I love my job because I get to communicate via gestures, my language, and make people laugh. The working environment here is very good and friendly. I hope the company grows so we can employ more deaf people.”



Global Operations Director

“I was with WOO at the very onset in an advisory position. It’s natural that I feel affiliated with WOO...I’m a part of the growth of the business, I’m part of the success of the business. It’s very satisfying.”



Country Coordinator - Vietnam
"My passion is helping others - to help them find solutions that meet their specific needs."



Production & Packaging Staff

“WOO provides a very productive and fun working environment. It is friendly and inspiring here. I hope the company is successful so that we can employ more disadvantaged people.”



Founder & Director

“I created WOO as a brand that welcomes people of all kinds of backgrounds to engage in a productive life and be appreciated for the work that they could do, instead of being dependent on charity or being stigmatised and isolated.”



Production & Packaging Staff

“I love this work because it makes my life better - it is a good thing, not only for me but also for my family, for my friends and for everyone. I’m able to help people who are less fortunate than me.”



Management Assistant

"I aim to contribute my small bit to positive change; WOO allows me to be part of this."



Finance Director



MarCom Manager

"Each WOO product inspires me to do good while feeling good."



Production & Packaging Staff

“I enjoy working for WOO because it gives me the opportunity to have a better job and a better life. The working environment here is great because everyone cares for each other.”



Graphic Designer

“Working at WOO allows me to support and give back to my country. That makes me proud.”



Production Manager

“I like the team atmosphere of working at WOO. We brainstorm, build and problem-solve together.”



Production & Packaging Staff
“I love working at WOO because we all work together as a family. People help and care for each other.”

The Story of WOO

How it all began

The story of WOO started decades before its conception in an accumulation of experiences and events in Saskia de Knegt’s life. Through her early adult years in the medical sector and later, in her humanitarian work with the United Nations, she witnessed poverty and suffering first hand. With charities and NGOs working hard to help ease and eradicate these conditions, Saskia couldn’t help but wonder, why does poverty persist? Engaged in passionate discussions with veterans in the development sector and employed to work with the affected population, she soon realized that the only sustainable solution is to empower people to help themselves, rather than relying on charity and handouts. All that was needed was a vehicle to enable this empowerment. For Saskia, that was WOO: a luxury boutique brand where the less fortunate utilize their skills to create beautiful, sustainable, desirable goods. By partnering with vulnerable suppliers and makers, they were no longer a target group or a problem group, but a group with opportunities. And thus, Worlds of Opportunities was born.

The Early Stages of WOO

There were those that believed WOO could change the world, and others that said it couldn’t be done…

In order for WOO to grow, Saskia made use of the knowledge she gained in the medical, business, creative and humanitarian sectors, and mobilized a team of like-minded and willful changemakers to help manage the many challenges of creating a global love brand: overseeing the entire supply chain, WOOing consumers, recruiting volunteers, preparing legal documents, securing funds and jumping over the many hurdles that seemed to find their way on WOO’s path. The WOO team is firm in its belief that hard work, passion, drive, and the belief that something sustainable had to be done are the best ways to combat poverty. Today, Worlds of Opportunities is a brilliant illustration of everything that WOO lovers cherish – authenticity, empowerment, inclusiveness and global citizenship.

WOO Today

After successful trade shows in Germany and the Netherlands in the summer of 2017, WOO has stepped up production at its Ho Chi Minh City workshop. August 2017 saw, for the first time, a full container load of luxury products headed for the retail stores in Holland and Germany. In 2018, WOO expanded to the American market and is hoping to hugely increase its product range. Research is currently underway to find new soul-nourishing goods that can engage and empower many more vulnerable communities.

The Future of WOO

The story of WOO started with Saskia and has now grown into a movement of like-minded global citizens… Join us!

A short introduction

How better to understand the story of WOO, buy seeing the impact. This video will show you a short introduction of WOO and the principles of WOO.